As many of you know, I prefer to write about dreams I have. This, too, is based off of another dream. But it is also based off of a vision I had when I was twelve that I didn't understand. It looked similar to the above picture but with some men and women breaking windows of stores and stealing TVs, one cop hitting a man repeatedly with a knightstick, a little girl alone by herself crying for her mother, and, the most disturbing part, naked bodies being thrown into piles of flames. This vision, which I have had many times since, has frightened me. I never dreamed about writing a book about this terrifying dream. But one day after I finished my Junior year of high school, me and my best friend went to watch a sequel to one of my favorite franchises in theaters. The disasters in this film reflected back on my visions and a few days later I dreamt of an unknown tradgedy. I was discussing the possible world chaos with a man I had never met before. He claimed to have dreamt of me and saw what I had seen. He told me that we had to get out of the city before "it" happened. We kept driving to random hotels and staying out of the cities, which looked torn and deserted like a ghost town. There wasn't much explaination in the dream, but i had it the following night as well. It bothered me so deeply and was on my mind for a few weeks that I just had to write it down. I replayed several scenarios in my head and ran the dialogue through. Eventually I developed almost the entire story, mincus a few parts, and began writing in early June of 2009, just a few weeks after I had the dream. I am currently at a sum of two hundred pages and only about half or 1/3 through the story. I am very excited to be adding new twists and barriers for these two "starseeded" characters to cross together to make it to the next stage of human history and evolution!


Living in the heart of Los Angeles, Hallie Brown has lost nearly everything, including her sanity. She has had uncertain visions of the future since she was fourteen. She figured it was just her mentality playing tricks on her. After all, her mother died during her birth, her cousin Marcus (from Casting Shadows) had been murdered, her brother Zachary had committed suicide, and her father died in a car accident. Her own memories is all she has to keep her company. Her visions grow stronger when she sees a weathered young man at a going away party for her roomate in a local bar. What she doesn't realize is that he is the key to her survival. He continuosly follows her through her daily routines and it frightens her to the point of nearly calling the authorities. But he is only protecting her. Dwight Quaid is his name, and he is an ex-fugetive and hopes to stay that way. But in the weeks to come, a medical disaster is playing under their noses, leaving him no choice but to kidnap her. He shares her visions of the future, but hides one more within himself, one containing specifically her face in the forest. As soon as he spots her from across the bar, he knows the day is coming and he must work hard and convince her that her visions aren't ordinary dreams. They must escape the clutches of a mind trembling disease that sweeps across the cities and work together, though their fondness for each other is not quite pleasing. Hallie and Dwight have to learn to cooperate to survive in the sickly conditions and sticky situations they have become a part of, running to escape imminant death. But this virus is not the only issue. It is just a cover up for those of "higher standing" among our world to make the masses easier to control, now that their secrets had been revealed to the awakening public. The planet is strong, though she weakens from the toll the human race has put on her, and we are now in a state of major change. These two Starseeds are mere pawns in an interstellar game of chess for ultimate authority over the planet we know as our home, Earth. Will our species destroy ourselves, or will some loving members of the human race be able to sustain balanced life upon the planet and repair the damage?

Please be considerate. All rights resevered ã 2009 S.M. McClure)


The Playlist

This playlist is continuous, meaning it is still building on as I go along. It is composed of several songs I personally think go along with the story line. Some of these songs have nothing to do with the plot, but they are types of music they will listen to while driving and it inspires me, therefore it is on the playlist.

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Fanmade Media

The Trailer: This is the trailer for my expected finish time that I made on Windows Movie Maker. It took so much time because the program was stubborn and not as advanced as premiere, but it came out pretty well. The songs are Room of Angel by Akira Yamaoyoka and Sweetest Perfection by Depeche Mode.

 The Score: I composed these songs with Fruity Loops Studio 5 and the videos were done with Sony Vegas Pro 9. I believe they have the overall feeling of the story. I also have one more song I composed til the end, yet did not get to finish all the touches when the file was corrupted somehow. But I do have that song on, as well as the others!


The Photo Album

This is the album of several photos I believe match the characters, events and places that take place in this book.

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Character Models

Hallie Brown - Leighton Meester, Emma Watson, Jen Lilley

Dwight Quaid - Chris Evans, Reed Thompson, Paul Walker, James Dean (haha!)

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