Piercing Grace is a simple 2-man "band". Shelby McClure performs the vocals, piano, guitar, and bass for the band. Jennifer Mitchell performs the vocals and the drums and is being taught the bass by McClure. Marie Passey is the violinist for the song Your Ugly Picture. Passey is also the key editor for the professional versions of the songs (still a W.I.P.) and her help is needed and appreciated. Jordanna Hernandez has agreed to do live versions for the group when they need a guitarist for songs that McClure is on the piano. Other thanks go out to our lead electric guitarist for our covers Anthony Renteria and to our little Native Butterfly (you know who you are) for editing and filming our first live performance on 2/7/09.


McClure and Mitchell, otherwise known as McMitchell, listened to one of their favorite songs by an underground guitarist named Kat Tingey about one of their favorite book series and international hit movie Twilight and thought at the same moment, "We should write a song about this too!" After spending long hours at the piano and the paper, they came up with keys and tunes to go along with the background piano, the lyrics flowing in the spots. Summarizing the book series into a song was more difficult than they thought. So after two days, all of the lyrics were written and sung and it began to flow turning into the song Obsession. After that one song, McClure had started to pick up her guitar again and fiddled around with the strings, finding a beautiful chord that seemed sad and mysterious. Looking to write a song about her own book, she thought of her partner's book Lilith (W.I.P) about a love arrow between 3 vampires, Lilith (a tortured young immortal dealing with her love's, Alex, sire trying to destroy her, and her closest friend's, James, feelings for her when she does not return the favor, even though he has taken care of her for years in the most desperate times when the being she loves had turned her into the monster she is and deserted her *for good reasoning*.) So she wrote the song to her best friend, turning into The Ballad of the Immortal. After the short ballad, she stumbled across an interesting sounding chord and developed the song Somewhere about her own novel Casting Shadows. Many songs were developed after that: about terrible love (Your Ugly Picture), the love of your life (Breathe Again), a strange boy in the back of the class staring at you all hour long (Stare (The Boy in the Back)), sadness and sorrow from remembering friends (If You Were Here & Memories), the dealings with darkworld characters that should not exist in the real world (The Supernatural), and the struggle of Sarah Connor, a forlorn woman trying to convince the world of it's future terror when all else thinks she is insane (900 Scars).

Please be considerate. All rights resevered ã 2009 McMitchellMusic

Check out the Official Band Myspace page (Sorry for the bad quality of the songs. We didn't have a studio then)...
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