Shelby McClure, born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, is a deeply inspired young adult. She has been easily intrigued by the material around her, even the simplest things like a rainy day at school drinking cocoa can influence her to have a good day. Though she has grown up in the heat of the brown city, she has never cherished it. She, like her parents, have always wished to live somewhere colder and wetter and greener! Her final choice, after desperate searching late during 2008, has chosen the college town of Eugene, Oregon, and now is making life well there. "It is the environment of my dreams!" As soon as she completes high school, she will most likely take a year off to publish her first novel and find a full time job. She then plans to go to the Community College there and possibly go transfer to Oregon State University in Corvallis with two of her friends to get a degree in Teen Psychology. She is working to fulfill her life's purpose, having a difficult time dealing with the loss of a close friend in January of 2009, hoping that she can take the easiest way, but a way that is best for her. She believes that you should focus on your problems to help yourself first. It may sound selfish, having to admit that, but if you have a problem even if everyone around has one too, if you fix them before you, your problem will build up and trouble you deep inside and you will not be able to focus on anything. Certainly try to help others when you can and keep yourself open. If helping them helps you, it is double the profit and half the effort. But make sure you take care of yourself so you can care for others. "Be yourself and you will be fine. Don't put on a facade just to make others be happy. If they don't respect that, then they aren't true. 'The opinions of unimportant people are unimportant,' as my former theater teacher, Robert Johnson would say. He was one of the biggest inspirations in my life."

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